B&A Ultrashape/Velashape combination treatment. Love handles, saddlebags, thighs


B&A Ultrashape/ Velashape III combination treatment for Saddle bags and Cellulite after 2 treatments. One treatment remaining.

B&A Ematrix facial treatment. For all skin types, all ages , minimal down time, noticeable skin improvement after just one treatment


Ematrix for acne scar treatment. This result is 2 weeks after initial treatment. She still has 2 more treatments to go. Great results 


This Velashape treatment after a patient had liposuction. She was not happy with the lumpy uneven appearance of her abdomen. Velashape III. Tightening the skin and smooths the abdomen 




Body Sculpting



Hair removal




Skin Rejuvenation


Skin Revitalization

Leg Vein Removal


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