Facial and Neck Rejuvenation – Sublime/ Sublative combination

Very little down time with great results. For all skin types!!

B&A Ultrashape/Velashape combination treatment. Love handles, saddlebags, thighs

B&A Ultrashape/ Velashape III combination treatment for Saddle bags and Cellulite after 2 treatments. One treatment remaining.

B&A Ematrix facial treatment. For all skin types, all ages , minimal down time, noticeable skin improvement after just one treatment

Ematrix for acne scar treatment. This result is 2 weeks after initial treatment. She still has 2 more treatments to go. Great results

This Velashape treatment after a patient had liposuction. She was not happy with the lumpy uneven appearance of her abdomen. Velashape III. Tightening the skin and smooths the abdomen