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Intimacy Wellness “Vaginal Rejuvenation” for Breast Cancer Survivors


I’m excited to share with you a personal Blog of my life after Breast Cancer diagnoses and treatment. I want to focus more on “Life After” since so many of us are and will continue to live with this diagnoses. Living longer provides time for us seek solutions that provide comfort, as well as improvements in our overall physical,mental health and wellness. Some of us will find a balance early on if we require less treatment, others will take a longer. What’s important is that we never stop searching for solutions.

Breast Surgery, Radiation,Chemotherapy and Medications. All play a role in Breast Cancer treatment and survival. However, they can also affect quality of life after treatment. Many of us struggle with self esteem after losing our body parts, and developing scars that serve as a constant reminder of the diagnoses. Intimacy often becomes challenging with the lost of body parts(breast)replaced by implants that are often uncomfortable and lack sensation. Chemotherapy, Radiation and Medication only add insult often intiating menopause which can lead to vaginal dryness, burning and painful intercourse.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation,a noninvasive,nonhormonal treatment provided comfort that helped “me “to find balance of overall physical , mental health and wellness after breast cancer treatment. Hence REJUVENATION FOR HER!!! This subject is no longer Taboo Ladies . We need to talk and share. I am here to ENPOWER and EDUCATE. LETS TALK SOLUTIONS .

Sister Survivor,

Dr. Jean

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