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Success with weight loss long term means changing your approach. At Rejuvenation For Her, serving patients in Miramar, Pembroke Pines, and Weston, Florida, highly experienced physician Jean Johnson, MD, offers the personalized guidance you need to achieve true weight loss success. Learn more about how a holistic approach with lifestyle changes can help you now. Use online scheduling or call the office to make your appointment.

Weight Loss

Why is nutrition and exercise-focused weight loss ideal?

At Rejuvenation For Her, Dr. Johnson takes a holistic, all-natural approach to weight loss. The simple truth is that genuine and lasting weight loss requires lifestyle adjustments. 

Although pills might temporarily suppress the appetite, and thus cause weight loss, most patients who use pills as their only weight loss solution don’t have long-term success. 

For this reason, and also for the sake of your whole-body wellness, Dr. Johnson works with you to make the changes that lead to a healthy weight long-term. She provides nutritional counseling and guidance for exercise to give you all the education you need. 

Lifestyle changes are much easier to understand and put into action when you have Dr. Johnson’s expert support, so she’s here for you throughout your weight loss journey and beyond, as you maintain your new healthy weight. 

Dr. Johnson also offers occasional wellness luncheons, which are a chance for her patients to get support from other women on similar health and wellness journeys.

What if I still have stubborn fat after I lose weight?

Many women struggle with stubborn fat in specific areas, even after a successful weight loss program. If fat clings to your body, in spite of all your efforts, a body sculpting treatment might be a simple solution. 

Dr. Johnson treats fat and cellulite deposits in the following areas using VelaShape® III and UltraShape® Power.

  • Hip area (love handles)
  • Outer thighs (saddlebags)
  • Inner thighs 
  • Banana rolls (below-butt fat rolls)

Dr. Johnson can also perform body sculpting treatments in other areas, depending on your needs. Body sculpting treatments take only about 30 minutes per area, and most patients achieve measurable fat loss and cellulite reduction within three treatments or less. 

Body sculpting can help you fine-tune your look after you’ve worked hard to achieve excellent weight loss results!

How can I maintain my new look after weight loss?

Once you arrive at a healthy weight, the support doesn’t stop there. Dr. Johnson can design a weight maintenance program for your needs, based on what’s worked well for you so far. 

Because Dr. Johnson teaches lifestyle changes instead of quick fixes, you’ll find it much easier to continue the good habits you’ve learned, and this translates into maintaining a healthy weight long-term.

To get started on a weight loss plan that actually works, call Rejuvenation For Her, or use the online scheduler to make your appointment with Dr. Johnson today.